DogHelps dogs
DogHelps has 2 certified therapy dogs and 1 dog in training. They have worked with many children supporting Cognitive Therapy and Remedial Teaching sessions. DogHelps dogs can be hired to provide affection and comfort in for example classrooms, hospitals, retirement homes, hospices, and help children with learning difficulties, behaviour difficulties etc.. DogHelps dogs decreases stress, build self-confidence and awareness, increases self-sufficiency, and gives children a better image of their selves. The dogs would also love to play and have fun activities at schools and daycares. The dogs can help teach children children how to approach, how to pet and to play and how dogs communicate. DogHelps can also help children or adults with fear of dogs. If you are interested in their abilities and like to read more, please click here.

Dog training
We offer group classes in Alella or in different locations in Barcelona. We also offer private classes in Alella or at home. DogHelps loves helping people and their dogs to connect and understand each other. A good realtionship between a dog and an owner is the most important thing in our training. We use a positive method to work on education, control, guidance and commands. DogHelps likes to teach you to give guidance to your dog. We will also teach you more about dog language and their behaviour so you and your dog can enjoy your life together even more. If you are interested in a better understanding and relationship with you dog, please click here.

Find your shelter dog
DogHelps can help you find a dog! If you are worried a shelter dog can have many traumas and give you lots of worries, let DogHelps help you find the right dog for you! DogHelps selects and tests dogs carefully in shelters near Barcelona. DogHelps will test their behavior in many situations in and outside the shelter. DogHelps helps people to find great shelter dogs in Spain. And DogHelps also works for people in Holland and Germany. DogHelps selects and tests shelter dogs to be trained and become therapy dogs or assitance dogs in Holland or Germany. If you like to know whether DogHelps can help you, or if you like to read more about DogHelps´s motivation and work method and work experiences, please click here.

Dog sitter
DogHelps can take care of your dog when you are on holidays. Your dog will live with DogHelps dogs in a normal house next to the forrest. Your dog will have doggy time and feel at home and comfortable. You can bring your dog´s own bed and food. If you are interested and like to know if DogHelps is available, please go to the contact page or read more about it by clicking here.

DogHelps has important collaborations to achieve its goal: from shelterdog to family dog. We could not make all the testing possible without our great cooperative shelters. And our veterinarian is indispensable because of his health checks on all of our dogs before going to the new owner. Click here to read more about the collaborations.

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