About us

Vision en motivation
DogHelps believes there are a lot of dogs capable of being a great family dog or even therapy dogs.
Every year approximately 110.000 dogs are found abandoned in Spain. In Catalunya the majority is picked-up by shelters. In Catalunya the practice to put dogs to sleep by lethal injection is illegalized in 2003. Therefore, animal shelters are more overloaded.  You can find breeds, mixed breeds and different ages and many different backgrounds and characters.  Many are social and loving dogs waiting in cages to become friends for life.

DogHelps wants to help these dogs and help people find them. When dogs are in shelters, so little is known about their character. This makes it difficult to choose a dog and may stop people from adopting a dog.  DogHelps finds it important to give dogs the chance to have a home based on a well-educated disicion that the dog is the right fit. It is important the people are well informed before they make the big discison to adopt.

Work method
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 Work experiences
DogHelps has spent several great summers in a shelter in the south of Spain (www.vagabundogs.com). DogHelps also did volunteer work for an organisation in the Netherlands. DogHelps supervised families before and after adopting a dog from abroad. DogHelps has nearly twenty years experience in training dogs and has years of experience in observing behavior and testing behavior.

In Holland DogHelps´s Child Psychologist has been working with children and parents for over ten years. She worked in foster homes, high schools, primary schools, and gave many children Cognitive Behavioral Therapy using horses and her dogs.


At this moment there are 11 dogs in Holland, tested carefully and transported personally.  Five of these dogs are working as therapy dogs.