Who are we

Maud van den Berg is a Dutch enthusiastic educationalist, therapist and dog trainer. Owner of HondHelpt and DogHelps. HondHelpt selects, tests and prepares shelter dogs to transform into therapy dogs or assistance dogs. DogHelps provides dogtraining, animal-assisted therapy, behaviour  tests, and offers dog sitting.

DogHelps has spent several great summers in a shelter in the south of Spain (www.vagabundogs.com). DogHelps also did volunteer work for an organisation in the Netherlands. DogHelps supervised families before and after adopting a dog from abroad. DogHelps has nearly twenty years experience in training dogs and has years of experience in observing behavior and testing behavior.

In Holland DogHelps´s educationalist, with master degree, has been working with children and parents for over ten years. She worked in foster homes, high schools, primary schools, and gave many children Cognitive Behavioral Therapy using horses and her dogs.

Our dogs
Ivy is 7 years old. She is an Australian Shepherd, born in Holland. She has obedience diplomas from the Federation Dogsports Netherlands and is a certified therapy dog. She succeeded the behaviour test from the Dog school and Education Centre Happy Tails (in Holland). She is amazing! She loves to cuddle, to play, to be calm and obedient. She loves everybody. Ivy is very good in playing frisbee, agility, and dog dance. Her sport qualities and open character make her a super dog to work with people!

Cooper is about 11 years old. He was abandoned when he was just a puppy. He was found and fostered. DogHelps adopted Cooper when he was about 6 months old. Cooper has many obedience diplomas from the Federation Dogsports Netherlands. He is a fantastic frisbee player and loves doing agility. And very important: he succeeded the behaviour test for therapy dogs from Dog school and Education Centre Happy Tails. He became a great Therapy Dog. He supported Cognitive Behavioral Therapy when we still lived in Holland. Cooper loves to help during workshops and sport activities with children. He is calm, sweet and loves to work with children!

Baylen is a young dog. He is almost 3 years old. He was found on the street and put in a shelter. DogHelps found him and saw his great potential as a therapy dog. He is now in training and will have the behaviour test in Holland, when he is ready for it. Baylen is very friendly, sweet and soft. He loves playing and working with people. Baylen is going to be a super nice frisbee dog and he loves dog dance. Cuddling is something Baylen could do all day!