Dog training

A good relationship between a dog and an owner is the most important thing in our training. We use a positive method to work on education, control, guidance and commands. We use a dog friendly method. We teach you to give guidance to your dog. We would like you to learn more about dog language and their behavior so you can give better guidance and enjoy your dog even more.

After the training we hope you will understand more about dog behavior and how dogs learn. You will be able to recognize relax and stress signals, warning and distance increasing signals, distance decreasing and happy signals. You will be able to improve your relationship with your dog by using this in your day to day.

I have made a programme of 5 classes for a small group (4 dogs). After the first class, in which we will cover all the basics, you will be given a document of 11 pages with information, explanation and photos of the training. After each session we will write down points to work on and things that went really well.

If you e-mail me (, call or whatsapp me (619463698) we can see how we can arrange the classes for you and I can give options. Privat classes in Alella or privat classes at your home are possible too.

Here is what we will work on during your training sessions:

– Self-control (not jump up, not bark, not cry etc.)
– Reward signal
– Warning signal
– Friendly petting
– Educational actions (showing respectful and good leadership)
– Playing with your dog
– Walking on the lead without pulling
– Walking on the lead and behave when dogs, people or other
stimulus are around
– Guiding your dog in stressful situations
– Teaching your dog good behavior in the house
– Whatever you would like to know and learn more about

– Check-in with name (connection training)
– Voluntary check-in  (connection training)
– The commands: come here, sit, down, stay, and what you request
– Crate training
– Tricks & brainwork

Dog language:
– Happy and friendly signals
– Stress signals
– Distance increasing signals
– Calming signals
– Warning signals and aggressive signals