DogHelps collaborates with Mona Tellier. She is a Canadian dedicated to the training and accreditation of assistance dogs for the Generalitat de Catalunya, Animal Assisted Interventions and Collaborative Dog Education. She is president of the non-profit association Associació Canuck and director of Dog Heart Magazine, a bilingual online magazine.
Mona and Maud give group classes together. Click here to look at our dog training page for more information.

DogHelps works together with well organised shelters. These shelters are great to work with. They patiently help me select the right dogs for me to test and take out of the shelter to look at their behaviour. The shelters share the believes and motivation, and trust and support the work DogHelps does. To give you an impression; these shelters together have about 500 dogs. 

Help Guau 
in Argentona:

Protectora d’Animals d’Alella in Alella:

Our independent vet Marcelo Cabrera has three practices and is always there when you need him. DogHelps is very happy with this collaboration. Marcelo is independent and has a critical way of checking the dog’s health. He will take two blood samples to test for all the Spanish deceases and he will do a general test. He will examine the dogs movements and body. If needed, he will take x rays to make sure the dog is in a good condition. After all the tests, the dog will receive an health certificate.